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SXSW 2014. Avengers Arena #2 PDF EBook One of the best promotions from SXSW 2014, aside from the dozens of free comics I've redeemed from Comixology over the weekend, was the code that allowed one to sign up for Marvel Unlimited for one month for ninety- PDFnine cents. Marvel Unlimited is the read-all the comics you can subscription service from Marvel that gave access to the thousands of issues in Marvel's digital catalog; download; it normally retails for 10 dollars a month so this was a great bargain. I started my subscription by adding to my library the entire run so far available on Marvel Unlmited.

Issue two features a cover homage to William Golding's Lord of the Flies which was kind of appropriate given that this issue features super teens from a school run by Captain Britain.

Since a battle royale needs a large cast, this title would be a great opportunity to introduce new characters and Hopeless gives us, Death Locket, the female Deathlok. This issue is also her origin story. Like this book? Read online this: Marvel Classics Comics 26 - The Iliad, Die Arena.

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