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I love Axe Cop so much. Axe Cop PDF EBookThe whole enterprise, from concept to execution to philosophical analysis (if you want to take it that far).The sheer absurdity and joy of it brings me constant delight, and on nearly every page there's at least one thing that turns my smile into a laugh.The unadulterated imagination of childhood play, captured in a format that can be shared with everyone.What could be better?

That said, Malachai has grown since the story started and I fear his age (or at least experience) may be showing—there was a hint more coherence and narrative awareness this time; download; not much, but just enough to dampen the randomness and fun a slight bit.Instead of a five- PDFstar experience, I felt this one only gave me a four-and-a-half.Here's hoping Malachai's Peter Pan will assert control of future volumes.

A (slightly abridged) sample:

"One day, I went to the store and saw a machine the store owner made, but he said it was broken.It just needed to be plugged in.

"I turned it on and got inside.It started to give me powers.

"First, it gave me robotic gun fists.

"Then it gave me the power to be as big as I want.

"Finally, I learned I could shoot jet airplanes out of my tail.I later realized I could shoot anything I want out of my tail.

"But even with all those powers I have not been able to save my planet from evil robotic penguins."

"Let's go save your planet.There is no time to waste."

So Goo Cop became a rocket and carried Axe Cop and Junior Cobbb into space.When they arrived, the robot penguins had been devastating the gorilla planet. . . .

If you're not familiar with Axe Cop, I highly recommend Zack Carlson's introduction to this volume:

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