Axis Mundi

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Under the World Tree

Axis Mundi. Axis Mundi PDF EBook The World Tree. The spiritual center of the world. The Garou know it well, for they must place themselves at the Tree, the center of creation, to work their rituals. And in the branches and among the roots, the spirits await, ready to assist those who speak the right words... or to punish those who walk the wrong path.

The Unseen Hosts Gather

Axis Mundi: The Book of Spirits is a sourcebook detailing many of the myriad spirits serving Gaia. Here are the elementals, Enigmatics, Epiphlings, Naturae, and the broods of the great Tribal Totems themselves. Can you afford not to seek their favor?

Axis Mundi includes:

The spiritual history of the Garou, including the legendary Pact between the shapeshifters and the spirits
Expanded information on dealing with spirits, especially how to placate them and bind them into fetishes
Dozens upon dozens of spirits, each with their own story, all ready for use with Werewolf or Mage Second Edition Like this book? Read online this: High Spirits A TRUE paranormal short story, Mappae Mundi.

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