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Major Rafe Steele lived and breathed the military life. Baby on Board PDF EBook His entire career had been spent in the marines, and he was comfortable in his bachelor life. No wife, no children, and nothing to hold him back from taking the next tough mission. He could ride his motorcycle in the mountains or have a party or three if he had a mind to. He was a lone wolf, and he liked it that way—until one night he came home and there was a package he didn’t expect, in the form of a baby car seat holding a little girl and a note. This is Bonnie. She’s your daughter. What the hell did he know about being a dad? But when he looked into the baby’s eyes, he knew it was the truth, and there was no way he was giving her up.

Rafe needed help and decided to enlist his neighbor across the street. Ivy St. Clair was a nurse, and even though he knew she thought he was some kind of playboy, who better to help him learn the ropes of raising a baby? He didn’t expect to be attracted to the shy woman with the brown eyes who had no problem saying what she meant. He certainly didn’t think he would fall for her and dream about her kisses and her taste. Rafe found his life taking a whole new road where fatherhood and the thought of a commitment took center stage. But would his lone wolf ways come back to haunt him? Especially when the threat of losing his daughter and Ivy became a real possibility. Like this book? Read online this: What the Baby Knew, The Policy Governance Model & the Role of the Board Member, Ends & the Ownership (J-B Carver Board Governance Vol 2).

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