Babyface Killers

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Heartbroken adolescents and bullied school children. Babyface Killers PDF EBook Kids from broken homes and seemingly well- PDFadjusted children. Unexpected juvenile violence can happen any place, anytime...And it seems as if recent years have ushered in more of these appalling incidents than every before. here, in shocking and vivid detail, are true stories of young assassins from all around the country, kids who stunned their classmates, their families, and even themselves...

Luke Woodham was a chubby teen who was constantly teased by cruel classmates. So one morning he walked into his mother's bedroom and bludgeoned her to death. He then drove to his Mississippi high school and opened fire on a slew of startled teenagers.

Fourteen-year-old Andrew Wurst, dubbed "Satan" by his classmates, wanted to make his middle-school dance "memorable". So while the romantic theme for Titanic played in the background, Wurst turned on his stupefied classmates and fired wildly at them.

Eleven-year-old Andrew Golden and his thirteen-year-old cousin Mitchel Johnson stunned not just the town of Jonesboro, Arkansas, but the entire nation, when they sprayed helpless teachers and students with a shower of deadly bullets.
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