Back Talk

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Anne Counterman is a successful talkshow radio host who is suffering from a mid- PDFlife crisis. Back Talk PDF EBook Her husband has left her for another man and she is bored with her career. Now she is looking for something or someone to rekindle the spark in her life.

Hilton Withers is the estranged lesbian daughter of a senator and the heiress to a pickle company fortune. She hates her father almost as much as she hates pickles. Hilton finds that she is happiest when only her dog is around.

Anne and Hilton become fast friends after Hilton’s girlfriend leaves her for yet another of her temporary liaisons.

Mixed into the plot is a lot of humor from Hilton’s roommates - an oversexed body builder, a southern belle, Anne’s employees, a slacker dude, an uptight office manager and a hard-of-hearing call screener.

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