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The self- PDFproclaimed internet action star and next boyfriend material Ramon Bautista made his way in a new direction—publishing a book. Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo? PDF EBook His first book was mostly an extract from his internet love trapezoid Tumblr-Twitter-Instagram-Formspring. He made a humor based on relationships. Sometimes it becomes satirical or sarcastic but all the same helpful. He did not wrote the book with special style or profound design. But why would you buy or read it?
1) humor [because we need to smile, laugh & download; get a little loose once in a while]
2) self-help [because sometimes even if the answers we're looking for only need our common sense, people have the need or tendencies to have someone to tell them right in their faces]

You don't need a reason if you're a fan of Ramon Bautista. You will really like his usual humor. But if his humor doesn't float your boat (or if you're too serious), I guess you wouldn't appreciate it.
I like his humor so I enjoyed reading this. It can be read in one sitting. And there's a free notebook! 90s style like the ones with artists like Jolina Magdangal, etc. lol

Here are some of his quotes:

"Spoiler alert: ikaw tsaka ako, happy ending"

"Sir, anong gamot sa tanga?
Wala p*cha! Prevention na lang...Huwag ma-inlove."

"Sir Mon, anong payo mo sa mga estudyanteng tamad mag-aral like me?
Wala akong payo sa mga tamad mag-aral. Pananakot meron."

MIBF 2012

I placed a sticky note with my name in his book. When it was my turn, I said to him, “Nabasa ko na”. He said, “Nabasa mo na?”. “Oo, ang haba ng pila eh!”, I said. Then he noticed the sticky note and said, “kaya ko naman iispell ang pangalan mo ah…” I just laughed. And then he signed P-O super FAIL!! but I did not tell him that, I just laughed.
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