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Had this when I was quite young, chanced upon a copy when on holiday and bought it quite impulsively for a reread - PDF this is still a pretty good anthology, with sublime selections nestled amongst the more mundane (which are in themselves a kind of delight - if you grew up being a Ballet Story Fan you will know that any number of stories mentioning sore feet, the physical demands of practice and chiffon ballet costumes are NEVER ENOUGH): particular standouts were Fonteyn and Lynn Seymour's autobiographies, as well as an excerpt from Cynthia Voigt's Come a Stranger. Ballet Stories PDF EBook (Come a Stranger!!! I didn't read the entire novel until several years later and love that novel, being about many other things besides dance. I can't recommend that novel highly enough.)

Reliable picks from ballet authors like Jean Ure and Noel Streatfeild are there too - but I think the great strength of this collection (besides the standouts I've mentioned above) are its willingness to pick from relatively unheard-of young adult novels that aren't totally about dance, or from novels where the characters don't particularly like ballet, etc. Despite having been a fan of the Drina novels as a kid, they are very, very formulaic and very, very dull, and I for one am glad that Harriet Castor didn't pick those. Like this book? Read online this: Ballet Kitty, Best Friends Get Better (Ballet One, #1).

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