Barrabas Run (SOBs, Soldiers of Barrabas #1)

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Nile Barrabas was the last man out of Vietnam, the guy who leaped up f rom the U. Barrabas Run (SOBs, Soldiers of Barrabas #1) PDF EBookS. Embassy roof to grab the skid of that final departing chopper.
Regular military service was now over for him. But the irregular service had just begun.

Meet the soldiers of Barrabas: Their skills are for hire, but they can't be bought!

The Soldiers of Barrabas are nine hard- PDFbitten men (and one woman) welded by their leader into a fierce squad of warriors. Their goal is to rescue a great African leader and restore peace to his war-torn country. But to reach Joseph Noboctu, the SOBs must fight two hellish battles- one with the blood-crazed tribesmen who hold Noboctu captive, and the other with the infernal jungle itself! Like this book? Read online this: Recollections of Military Service; Including Some Details of the Battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo, Point Blank (SOBs, Soldiers of Barrabas #17).

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