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This book seemed so promising when I happened across it. Bartleby In Manhattan PDF EBook She writes about Nabokov, Simone Weil, John Reed and Louise Bryant, MLK and the civil right movement, Byron's marriage, the Tolstoy marriage, and Bartleby the Scrivener. It's hard to imagine an intelligent person writing uninteresting essays on these topics, but EH manages to be pretty unremittingly tedious. She's an absolute snob, she's sure she knows more than you do (she probably does), and she's sure that her personal taste (which runs toward the classical, the serious, the literary, and the bleak) is the yardstick against which contemporary culture should be measured. Over and over again, we all come up quite a bit short. Like this book? Read online this: Too Sexy For Marriage (Too Marriage Makers #1), We'll Have Manhattan.

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