Baseball's Greatest Hitters

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Milciades Santana
November 2011

Baseball Greatest Hitters
by S. Baseball's Greatest Hitters PDF EBookA.Kramer

This book is mainly about all the greatest baseball players and how they became baseball players .Some of the baseball in this book are Babe Ruth,Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig and others.
Babe Ruth is important because he is the most powerful in baseball.Ty cobb was the worst
baseball player he use to throw bats at people and only 2 people went to his funeral.Lou gehrig is famous because he had the most hits in his career.

There many main points inthis book but there are three main points .The first main point is the home run king and his name is Babe Ruth.When he was little he they use to make fun of him because of his weight. But no boby swings the bat like him . He always have that power swing.
Babe die of cannser.

The second main point is that Ty Cobb is a grate baseball player but when a fan boos him he throws the bat or yell at them.he always had anger problems he will get mad if u say somthing stupid.At his funeral two people went . Ty die a lonely old rich man.

The third main point is that Lou Gehrig was one of the best player in baseball. He had the most RBI in the mayor league.He have the most consecutive games (2,130). He died in a early age he died of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He die at the age of 37.

WhatIalready knew is that Babe Ruth is the home run king. One fact is that they use to make fun of Babe Ruth because of his weight.I knew that Ty Cobb is from the tigers. Lou Gehrig record has been broken by Derek Jeter .Derek beaten his RBI and hits.

The most important fact is that they did not let black people play baseball . The black never had right to do anything they want to do . Afterhe became a baseball player many blacks started playing baseball.

The author wrote this book so kids and adults learn how baseball change over time.This book talks about the people how change baseball.The authors name is S.A.Kramer. This tell kids to try different things because there many things in the world.He is saying do not give up your dreams.

I will recommend this book to a friend because this book is good and they will enjoy this book.
I think this is the best baseball book i ever read.This book will be for little kids. This book have many different facts of different player.

I willrate this book report from 1 to 10 i will give it a 8 because I used information from the book.I think i did good in this book report.I think this is a far rating because I did not put the highest rate and i think i good in this book report .Thats how i will rate this book report.

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