Batman, Vol. 2

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Mixed feelings about this TPB and "conclussion". Batman, Vol. 2 PDF EBook

This is the second volume of New52's Batman, but it's suggested to read in- PDFbetween the TPB titled "Night of the Owls"

Writers: Scott Snyder & download; James Tynion IV

Illustrators: Greg Capullo & Rafael Albuquerque


It was an odd way as DC collected this storyarc, since between the Volume 1 Court of Owls and this second volume The City of Owls, is suggested to read the collected TPB Night of the Owls and I agree in the sense that without reading all the "tie-ins", you wouldn't gonna feel the real scope of the massive attack of the Talons on Gotham during a single night. However, in that "in-between" TPB are included the issues of Batman #8, #9 and even the Annual #1, but doing that, it's really few what's left to read on this second volume, since you will get the "final fight" against the character who was behind of the scheme, and later you will be reading other stuff not really linked to the main story of "The Court of Owls".

So, I wanted to be fair to this TPB pretending that "I didn't know" that I already read 3 issues on the "in-between" TPB, to the process of rating the TPB, since without the duplication factor of issues on both TPBs, I have to admit that those issues are really good.

However, I have to admit that the storyarc barely had a real "conclussion" since there were a lot of stuff hanging in the air, that I am not that surprised since I have no doubt that they will bring "The Court of Owls" and related characters again into the comic book title since they proved to be popular new villains.

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