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For “Beasley’s Christmas Party” Tarkington returns to the Midwest again, though this time he keeps the state a mystery. Beasley's Christmas Party PDF EBookThe town though is known as Wainwright, and the story told through the eyes of the narrator who has just moved to Wainwright to work on the local newspaper.This is short novella length Christmas novel, and not too surprisingly it is aimed at the heart- PDFstrings.The title character is David Beasley, a quiet man who has little to say to adults, but who does talk to children.Despite this, or perhaps because of it, he has earned the respect of the voters and after a successful time in Congress is being talked about for Governor.

The narrator has taken note of a large house next to the one where he is staying, believing it to be that where a family would live.He is surprised when a man comes out, apparently calling to a pet of some kind, and reacting as if the pet has come when called, but the narrator is sure there is nothing there.He learns from those around him that the man is Mr. Beasley, a candidate for Governor who is known for how little he says.He is also surprised to learn that Mr. Beasley lives alone, other than a couple of servants.The narrator is living at Mrs. Apperthwaite’s, a woman whose husband has passed away, and whose daughter was once engaged to David Beasley, but who broke it off because he was too dull.

The reason for Beasley’s unusual behavior is soon learned.Mr. Beasley’s cousin, Hamilton Smith, had appointed Mr. Beasley as the guardian of his child and when an accident kills Hamilton and his wife, Mr. Beasley takes on their son, Hamilton Smith, Junior, who also happens to be very ill.It is this child whose imaginary friends are the cause of Mr. Beasley’s strange behavior of talking to people and pets which cannot be seen.The narrator meets Mr. Beasley, and eventually Hamilton Smith, Junior, and all the imaginary people and pets and becomes part of the routine of pretend to keep the boy happy.

In the last chapter, Tarkington introduces the meat of the story.Mr. Beasley’s opposition in the Governor’s race is Simeon Peck, and Peck’s right-hand man Grist.They are good men, but they have a grudge against Grist for a past event, and so they are attempting to find some dirt on Mr. Beasley.On Christmas Eve they believe they have found it.Apparently Mr. Beasley is giving a big party and hasn’t invited any of the common folk, but instead it must be reserved for those in society.Grist and Peck summon members of the press, including the narrator to expose Beasley.It is rather easy to guess how the story ends from this point, and there is no reason to go any further with the plot.

This is a nice Christmas story, but I wouldn’t say it is a classic.It does show some differences between the time it was written and now.For example, the story written today would have Simeon Peck and Grist being very bad people stopping at nothing to destroy David Beasley, but the story is better off without that.On the other hand, it is rather predictable story, which is often a problem with Tarkington, and I think the conflict could have been developed earlier to have more balance in the story, and that could have been done without making Peck and Grist appear to be worse people.
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