Becoming Human Together

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A great introduction to the theology of Paul. Becoming Human Together PDF EBookMurphy- PDFO'Connor gives good insight into the context in which Paul was writing and the communities to which he wrote.From there, he uses his research into Paul's letters to construct the basic outline of Paul's understanding of the human person—especially Paul's emphasis on community over the individual.Murphy-O'Connor also gives good treatment to Paul's real views on women in ministry (Paul encouraged women to be in positions of leadership) and Paul's understanding of freedom, law, sin, Jesus, ministry and the believing community.

Paul was not a systematic theologian but a pastoral theologian. He was writing to address specific pastoral problems in a specific time and place. When viewed in this light, Paul's thinking has great depths to be mined for theological and spiritual insight.A great read for anyone interested in Paul and early Christianity. Like this book? Read online this: Paul's Letters To The Early Church, Human Resources or Human Capital?.

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