Bedtime Story for a Stolen Child (Stolen Child, #1)

PDF EBook by Anna Mayle

EBook Description

Stolen away from his cradle as a child, Leinad has been a plaything of the Faerie for thirty years. Bedtime Story for a Stolen Child (Stolen Child, #1) PDF EBook He has been broken and put back together so many times that he cannot even remember what he used to be. He has given up all hope of escape, until a soft breeze through his cell leads him home, only to find out that home has gone on without him. A man with Leinad’s face is there in his place, with his siblings, acting out his life. A changeling. The creature who enabled his imprisonment and torture for all those years.

Daniel Tessel is a thirty year old folklorist. He is meeting his brother and sister at their family cabin, to spend the anniversary of their parent’s deaths together. His biggest worry is the sé download; ance his little sister is insisting on, and trying to stave off her inevitable disappointment. That is, until he looks up during the ritual to see his own face watching him from the window. He is pulled into the consequences of a plot he cannot even remember, accused of stealing his own life. Confused, angry, and frightened beyond reason, Daniel tries to escape from Leinad, but there is something pulling them together.

Revenge and passion are two very similar things. Blood sings, lust and tempers rise, and before they know it, neither is quite sure who the real monster is anymore.Or if it will even matter in the end. Like this book? Read online this: Thirty Years a Stranger, Stolen Donor (Stolen, #1).

Bedtime Story for a Stolen Child (Stolen Child, #1) PDF download

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