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I believe Before Lift- PDFoff is the only general interest book devoted to covering a single space shuttle mission, aside from those about the accident flights. Before Lift-off PDF EBook This flight was STS-7—the seventh space shuttle mission—aboard Challenger in June 1983. This mission is interesting because it features two of the space shuttle program's star astronauts of the era, commander Robert Crippen and mission specialist Sally Ride. Ride was making her first spaceflight as the first American woman in space, which makes this book more noteworthy.

The mission was also the first for pilot Rick Hauck and mission specialist Norman Thagard, who both became veterans of multiple space shuttle missions.

There's a lot of focus on training and simulations, and in fact, this is one of the best space history books in that regard. You get a really good look at the crew's close working relationship with their trainers and simulation supervisors ('sim sups'). Crippen comes across as a no-nonsense commander—there's none of the horsing around that some later space shuttle crews engaged in—but it's clear he respects his crew and wants them well-trained and ready for any contingency.

Before Lift-off is a very good behind-the-scenes look at the preparation for a space shuttle mission. It's also a good time capsule of the 80s space shuttle era—simulating a space shuttle landing, for example, was very quaint by today's standards. This is, I think, Cooper's best book. If you want to learn how a space shuttle crew trained and got along with each other in the 80s era, this is the book to find. Like this book? Read online this: Bightmares (Deep Space Mission Corps, # 2), Lift and Drag.

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