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What I needed at the moment — my first android programming book. Beginning Android 2 PDF EBookMurphy's a decent writer and journeyman coder.The books' cons are: there's nothing inncluded about eclipse development (the book's examples are all command line), and although it's touted as being for the 2.0 platform, clearly large chunks of this text were updated from previous versions.For instance, every onCreate() contains a reference to 'icicle', which is never explained.However, everything does pretty much work as Murphy explains it and he covers a good amount of territory.

One particular strength of this book highlights a weakness (IMHO) of the android API: Murphy takes the space needed to explain how to code ListViews containing more than simple text.This is a subject which I wish didn't need so much space, but turned out to be just the information I needed for an app.The SAMS book does not cover this.Although Murphy's material is on the internet too, so if that's all you need you can skip shelling out the $$ for the hard copy.But if you want to support the author, buy the damn book. Like this book? Read online this: Looking After Murphy, Beginning Teaching, Beginning Learning.

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