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The fourth edition of Beginning Game Programming has been released to celebrate it's 10th anniversary! First published in 2004, this book has been a mainstay for aspiring DirectX programmers and teachers around the world. Beginning Game Programming PDF EBook

This new edition updates the source code to Visual Studio 2013 without losing the reader with advanced techniques in the latest versions of DirectX (version 12 recently announced). Instead, this book sticks to the basics like it always has, covering the mainstay of PC development with strict and reliable lessons in DirectX 9.0c.

The beginning reader who is likely new to the C++ language as well as to game programming, will find the advanced topics in the latest versions of DirectX completely indecipherable. For this reason, Beginning Game Programming keeps it simple and understandable, maintaining the high quality of previous editions while updating support for Microsoft's latest development environment.

"You have to start somewhere", but that somewhere doesn't have to be hard! Teachers will appreciate the consistency of this new edition as well as improvements to the sample projects. Coming up from the 3rd edition, the chapters remain in the same order, but the source code for every project has been updated and verified with several rounds of heavy technical review.

The most notable improvement in this edition is the readability! All of the figures have been enlarged to clearly illustrate the tutorials on using Visual Studio, especially when creating and configuring C++ projects—which can be very difficult to the uninitiated.

The chapters on 3D rendering have also been greatly improved with more concise explanations and simpler examples showing how to render a stock mesh and loaded model with a simple pixel/vertex shader. Advanced, complex treatment of shaders is strictly avoided in this Beginning title, with suggestions for further reading provided instead.

So, you're an aspiring game programmer or designer, perhaps with no prior experience with DirectX, perhaps not with C++ either. Where do you begin? RIGHT HERE! Like this book? Read online this: Beginning Visual C# 2012 Programming, Beginning iPhone SDK Programming with Objective-C.

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