Belonging (Darkest Powers, #3.5)

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You like Chloe/Derek? Kelley Armstrong has written the novella to satisfy all your shipping needs. Belonging (Darkest Powers, #3.5) PDF EBook :D Definitely not as action packed as the trilogy proper but who cares when we get Chloe/Derek makeouts. I also really enjoy Derek's voice.

“Okay, so on anniversaries, I need to give her something. An incentive.”
Simon almost walked into a tree. “What?”
“An incentive. Like in third grade, when Mrs. Nestor gave me a cookie every day that I didn’t read during class and promised me a candy bar if I didn’t read all week.”
“You never got that candy bar.”
“Because it wasn’t worth listening to her yammer about stuff I already knew. But this anniversary gift thing, is like that, right? An incentive for Chloe to keep going out with me.”
He sighed. “No . . . It’s just a gift.”
“To thank her for going out with me?”

Oh Derek.


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