Best of Friday Flash Volume One

PDF EBook by J.M. Strother

EBook Description

The best #fridayflash fiction stories - PDF volume one. Best of Friday Flash Volume One PDF EBook

Table of Contents

Her Migration, by Shannon Esposito
In Memory Alone, by Al Bruno III
A Hell of a Place, by Donald Conrad
Snatches of Life in Colour — Editor’s Choice Award, by Clive Martyn
Loopy, by Anton Gully
Tidal, by Carrie Clevenger
Running with Scissors, by Karen Schindler
Night Feeds, by Amy J. Taylor
Waiting by the Window, by Laurita Miller
The Seagull Poet of Butter Bay, by Alex Carrick

Loss Aversion, by Lindsay Oberst
Echolalia, by Christian Bell
A Hell of a Job, by Catherine Russell
Hello Jones, by Christopher Chartrand
Good Friday, by Amanda Scotney
Tommy and the Train, by Deborah Szajngarten
Uncle’s Ukulele, by E. D. Johnson
An Unsent Letter From a Tommy, by Robert St.-John Smith
Decennial General Meeting, by Alan Baxter
Twist in the Tale, by Sam Adamson

Bottom of the Ninth, by Olivia Tejeda
Venus Rising, by Simon Kartar
Humbug, by Angie Capozello
Dental Check, by Lily Mulholland
Rescue Dog, by Cliff Stornel
Mother Dove, by David G. Shrock
The Collector, by Trevor Mcpherson
Let Go, by Marisa Birns
Halloween Guests, by P.J. Kaiser
Bumbling, by Rachel Blackbirdsong

Dangling About, by Michael J. Solender
Different Perceptions, by Eric J. Krause
Carving Terrific Jack-O’-Lanterns, by Estrella Azul
In the Sinister Lair of Dr. Heisenburg, by Dana Larose
Deamons, by Sarah Snell-Pym
Urban Renewal, by Marc Nash
The Perfect Escape, by Emma Newman
The Family Stew, by Ryan Harron
Exile, by Kim Batchelor
Stairway to Heaven, by Louise Dragon

The Devil’s Game, by Laura Eno
River Storm, by Michelle Dennis Evans
4:45, by Tony Noland
Exile of Innocence, by Tomara Armstrong
Breaktime, by Linda Simoni-Wastila
Love at First Sight, by Clive Martyn
Whistle Stop, by J. M. Strother
5 Minutes, by Mark Kerstetter
Balatrophobia, by Gary Harmon
Deep Dreams, by Deirdre M. Murphy

The Tree, by Gloria Oliver
The Witchery of Flutes, by Jeff Posey
When the Ghosts Come Calling, by Jim Bronyaur
Brotherly Love, by Deanna Schrayer
Breaking Day, by Kevin J. Mackey
Very Good Telly, by David Masters
Giving Thanks, by Tim VanSant
A Head to Get Ahead, by Peggy McFarland
Dreamers, by Maria Protopapadaki-Smith
A Normal Life, by Lauren Cude

Taking a Stand, by Leigh Barlow
In the Deep, by Lesley Wood
Puma and Jaguar Save the Planet — Reader’s Choice Award, by Maria Protopapadaki-Smith
Half-Mown Lawn, by Dan Powell
Taping Lydia, by Jodi Cleghorn
No Militaries in the Gay, by John Wiswell
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