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Cortlyn Perry has never had an easy life. Bittersweet PDF EBook After two different father figures left when she was young; download; she started to believe that no matter what, all men will leave you in the end. Her mother struggled daily to make ends meet and provide for her and her little sister, but it was never enough. Thankfully her best friend, Connor, has been sharing his lunch with her since the first grade.

Connor Damron has had a near- PDFperfect life and hopes to follow in his brother's footsteps to become a detective after graduating from the police academy. The only thing that would make his life perfect, would be telling Cortlyn that he's been in love with her since the sixth grade. But with her past and the grudges she holds against men, he's afraid that voicing his feelings will push her away.

When Cortlyn's little sister becomes ill and needs special treatments, Cortlyn takes it upon herself to find a job that will cover the medical bills. But she never dreamed she'd find herself being a paid escort to some of the richest men in the city. Like this book? Read online this: My Life As A Fifth Grade Comedian, Bittersweet Victories.

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