Blood Lust

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In this riveting true crime book, "The Man Who Loved to Kill Women"—Dayton Leroy Rogers, was known in Portland, Oregon as a respected businessman and devoted husband and father. Blood Lust PDF EBook But at night he abducted women, forced them into sadistic bondage games, and thrilled in their pain, terror and mutilation. His murderous spree was stopped only after, in plain view, he slashed to death his final victim...and when a hunter accidentally stumbled onto the burial grounds of seven other women Rogers had killed one- PDFby-one in the depths of the Molalla Forest did police realize they were dealing with a serial killer whose bloodlust knew no bounds. This is the shocking true story of the horrifying crimes, capture, and conviction of Dayton Leroy Rogers, Oregon's mild-mannered businessman by day—vicious serial killer by night. Like this book? Read online this: Serial Killer Quarterly Vol. 1, Christmas Issue, When Lust Rules (Lycan Lust, #2).

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