Blue Mountains Far Away

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This book of essays about the wild lands of the Southwest, their history, beauty and their future prospects is beautifully written. Blue Mountains Far Away PDF EBook Still, the version I have, copyrighted 2000, has some very dated sections, particularly American Byzantium on Las Vegas. I suspect some essays were written much earlier. Futhermore, I have a small quibble with Mr McNamee, one that I also have with several other environmentalists I have read. They advocate setting aside vast wilderness areas to stand, not only undeveloped (which I agree with) but unvisited by anyone. Anyone but themselves it seems. McNamee writes, "I know a few such places. I am happy not to visit them again, to let them go about their ancient business without me. "How generous - PDF you've already been there! After extolling the virtues and soul stretching powers of the wild areas of American wilderness, I suppose he thinks it enough for readers to experience HIS rapture through HIS writing but not to gather our own uplifting experiences. Ah well, it is a small quibble in an otherwise wonderful little book and I will ignore it. Like this book? Read online this: Stand Alarmed, Militia in America 1607-1783 (Traditional American History Series Book 2), Blue Collar, Blue Scrubs.

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