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Blue Oyster Cult: Secrets Revealed!

This 200- PDFpage book is not a biography as such, but a biography of the band's albums, a canon of work Martin calls one of the finest in rock, and truly superlative on the lyrical front. Blue Oyster Cult PDF EBook The book examines the complicated early days of the band, graphically demonstrating the show biz sweat that goes into making an act an act. The majority of the book however is centered around the peerless intellectual quality of the songs, a quality made entertaining by the band's psychotropic and ghoulish humor, and by its interest in all manner of conspiracy theories, cults, monsters, vampires, UFO tales, foul play, arcane spiritualism, alchemy, love lost and love buried, science fiction and science friction.

The result is a "biography" pointedly about what matters the most - the recorded documents, the works, the masterworks. Indeed, each chapter bears the title of a BOC record, because that's what you get in the chapter - detailed, track by track analysis about the music and the lyrics (not to mention some of the personal stuff swirling around the sessions).

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