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This book was well done, and makes a good companion to Robert Timberg's 'The Nightingale's Song', as well as James Kitfield's 'Prodigal Soldiers: How the Generation of Officers Born of Vietnam Revolutionized the American Style of War'. Boys of '67 PDF EBookAlong the same lines is Al Santoli's excellent trilogy 'Everything We Had: An Oral History Of The Vietnam War', 'To Bear Any Burden: The Vietnam War and its Aftermath in the Words of Americans and Southeast Asians', and 'Leading The Way- PDF How Vietnam Veterans Rebuilt the U.S. Military: An Oral History'.All these books tell the story of the generation of young military officers who served in Viet Nam at the beginning of their careers, and who went on to have an enormous and important impact on nearly every aspect of the U.S. armed forces & download; military affairs in general during the ensuing decades.This story is important because without understanding this aspect of recent military history, it is difficult, maybe even impossible, to understand or evaluate contemporary events in the military field and to some extent the political as well.In addition, I believe these books tend to support my contention that the conflict in Viet Nam still influences many aspects of not only domestic politics & policies within the United States, but also politico-military affairs in the realm of international relations. Like this book? Read online this: The Marked Bride (Romantic Military Suspense) (Romantic Military Suspense) (Shadow Watchers Book 1), 20th Century Boys, Tome 22 (20th Century Boys #22).

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