Britain's Withdrawal from East of Suez

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Britain emerged from the Second World War in 1945 among the "Big Three" powers in the world, controlling a great chain of military outposts, fueling stations and airfields that stretched from the Mediterranean to the South China Sea. Britain's Withdrawal from East of Suez PDF EBook By the middle of the 1970s this chain had vanished, as had much of Britain's former status in the world. Jeffrey Pickering offers the most comprehensive explanation to date for the decision of British leaders to abandon this network of bases, commonly called the "east of Suez" role. He refutes the conventional view that economic pressure forced the British out of overseas garrisons and demonstrates that domestic politics and timing were crucial in the decision to retrench. Simultaneously, Pickering also offers insights into the more general processes of foreign- PDFpolicy change and the decline of Britain's power.
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