Brown Dog of the Yaak

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This is the third Bass I've read. Brown Dog of the Yaak PDF EBookThe first nonfiction. I liked it better than the fiction. The book is written in four sections.First is Colter (about his dog). Then comes The Yaak (a valley where he lives in northern Montana). Finally we have Activism and Art. The whole of the book is about trying to save his roadless valley from loggers and to preserve it as it is.

The first three sections of the book are good and even entertaining. There is no way you can mistake where he's going. You're reading to see how he gets there. Then it becomes exciting and you know that no matter how passionate his activism is, it's his art that makes this man go. Somehow he brings the topics of the book full circle and all four of them inform us about each other. Even the dog has left it's imprint on the soil of the Yaak. It too is portrayed as an activist dependent on this special place for its own exceptionalism.
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