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A book documenting the mass sacrificial murders on the border [and Mexico City:] in the late 80s. Buried Secrets PDF EBookBuried Secrets is a mostly ghastly account of a few of the Palo Mayombe cult members and the officers who led the hunt for these perverse fugitives.Atrocities committed ranged from rape to mutilation, accompanied by the occassional drug deal.

The book reads quickly and is as shamefully fascinating as a bad car wreck.The evil of cult leader Adolfo Costanzo is felt by all who cross his path and almost eminates from this book as he abuses his charisma to sell his psycho- PDFsociopathic practices to drug dealers, police, and A+ college students alike!

While footnotes occasionally add to the story, they, at times, become distracting with accounts of happenings varying between cult members.Naturally, the author relays the most conducive account in his book.My only other complaint was the lack of pictures, the mere four pages too scant to fully satisfy curiosities (not one picture of the US college victim Mark Kilroy).

Wish there was a follow up, because I know this isn't an isolated occurrence! Like this book? Read online this: This Little Kitten. A children's picture book with extra first word pages, Buried at Sea.

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