Burning Bright (Ivy Granger, #3)

PDF EBook by E.J. Stevens

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Burning down the house. Burning Bright (Ivy Granger, #3) PDF EBook..

Things are not going well at the offices of Private Eye.Jinx is having demon problems, the city is overrun with pyromaniacal imps, and Ivy's wisp powers are burning out of control, attracting the attention of both the Seelie and Unseelie courts.

Along came a faerie queen...It's the worst possible time for the Green Lady to call in a favor, but Ivy's bound by her deal with the glaistig.Too bad there's no wiggle room in faerie bargains.

Ivy must rid the city of imps, keep Jinx from murdering her one solid link to Hell, and fulfill her bargain with the Green Lady—with sidhe assassins hot on her tail.

Just another day's work for Ivy Granger, psychic detective. Like this book? Read online this: The Faerie Queens - A Collection of Essays Exploring the Myths, Magic and Mythology of the Faerie Queens, Demon Demon Burning Bright (Whisperings, #4).

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