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I just finished the book Bushfire Rescue by Justin D'Ath. Bushfire Rescue PDF EBookIt is an adventure book.The mail characters are Sam and the bull.Sam gets treated with respect.Sam is visiting his grandparents when he goes to rescue his grandpa's bull.When he's rescuing the bull, he runs into a bushfire.He rides the bull out of the fire and is saved.I liked how the book runs into a lot of obstacles, and Sam jumps through them all like it is nothing. I think Justin could have put in more excitement and can't put the book down excitement.I give the book a five star rating because it is an exciting and thrilling adventure.I think 5th graders should read the book because it is thrilling and exciting. Like this book? Read online this: Secrets of a Hopi Blue Star (Isabella Mumphrey Adventure Series Book 3), Rescue Me.

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