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Jonathan Bishop spent his immortal life waiting for the one woman to come along who could survive the transition from mortal to immortal. Butterfly PDF EBook After nine hundred years of choosing the wrong one and watching her wither away and die, Bishop has all but given up on finding his mate until his closest friend urges him to try one last time but this time allow the spell he casts to call forth his intended. Avirea Blackwell is an American on vacation in London. After spending the first two days in her hotel room because of the rainy weather, she decides it?s time to venture out and see the sights. Two hours into her walking tour a thick bank of fog keeps redirecting her until she becomes lost. Her only reprieve from the storm comes in the form of a hotel entrance which she immediately runs into. When Bishop sees Avirea for the first time he?s disgusted. She?s average looking and there is absolutely nothing interesting about her and refuses to accept that she is his mate. With a little convincing from his friend Marsters, he attempts to get to know the woman he shunned on first sight. Before his very eyes he watches as she transforms from a caterpillar into a beautiful Butterfly. But has his acceptance of her come a little too late? Like this book? Read online this: Dark Bishop, Part One (The Dark Bishop Serial Series Book 1), Butterfly #2.

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