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The Royal Game didn't happen overnight. Caissa Remembers PDF EBook "Old Chess" spreadfrom India to Persia before going to the Arabic countries and then toSpain, France, Italy, Germany, and finally, England. It went directly fromIndia/Persia to Russia. The oldest known game is from a 10th centuryArabian MS. During those "ancient" times the Arabs even played "blindfold"chess!

In "New Chess," Purdy ally and friend John Hammond writes about theevolution of chess theory. Then Purdy picks up again and takes us on aguided tour of some of the best known players during his era- PDFby presentingbiographies after their passing in his Chess world magazine, one of thepremiere chess publications of its day. Selections of 67 of their bestgames, player eccentricities, and their contributions are written out inthe best style.

You'll meet Vera Menchik, the women's world champion who had vanquishedsome of the best men players. Three world champions among the mists oftime: Alekhine, Lasker, and Capablanca-many pages devoted to the best.Famous teachers such as Tarrasch, Ré download; ti, and Nimzovich. For glitzy actionyou can't beat Marshall or Spielmann. The "thinkers" include: Rubinstein,Yates, and Colle. And, as a writer and teacher, Purdy was almost in a classby himself. The "all-rounders" such as Bogoljuboff and Tartakower willimpress you just as much.Co-author Maurice Goldstein was one ofInternational Master Purdy's (first world correspondence chess champion)trusted editors and a worthy writer. This, at last, is chess to enjoy.

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