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"Destiny is a persistent master, but sometimes the path it lays is shrouded in mist. Caliburn PDF EBook" Merlin Two Briton warriors are caught in a fierce snow storm and forced to take shelter in a foreboding abandoned castle, where they encounter a spectral figure, a man in a Druid's robe, seemingly as old as time itself. The old man tells the warriors a story that begins with Arthur's journey to the annual tournament in London. But what happens at the journey's end, when Arthur first sees Caliburn, the Sword of Destiny, will become lost in Arthur's legend as it grows over the centuries. This is a time of great turmoil. The powerful Saxons are planning to invade Britain. The barbaric Celtic tribes of the north are growing bolder, and the raids of the Norsemen continue unabated. Arthur faces other challenges as well — download; an ambitious brother, a spy within the Briton ranks, a meddlesome and jealous woman. But despite Merlin's years of grooming, Arthur is still a distracted and indecisive youth, more interested in play than training, more focused on women than duty. And so the world of Merlin's Britain is about to be turned upside down.

Author Biography: Virgil Renzulli has been a professional writer for more than 25 years as a journalist and news bureau director. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, he studied creative writing at New York University and scriptwriting at Temple University. He is currently Associate Vice President for Public Affairs at Columbia University, where he is responsible for media relations, the university newspaper, publications and advertising, video production, and Columbia's web news.

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