Can I Really Trust the Bible?

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Reading Jonathan Leeman’s book “Reverberation” really changed the way I viewed the scripture and increased my love for the word especially as preached, read, and sung at church. Can I Really Trust the Bible? PDF EBookSo when I saw Jonathan Leeman’s recommendation of this book I was excited to read it.“ Can I really trust the Bible? And other questions about scripture, truth and how God speaks” is a short but extremely helpful read.It is a good book published by The Good Book Company.

Who is it for?
This book would be a great read for all Christians, but may be especially suitable for discipling new believers or those young in their faith.It also would be great for anyone interested in an intro level work on the trustworthiness of the Bible and why we have what we have as our bible.Ultimately it would be helpful for all Christians to have a basic knowledge of trustworthiness of the book they base their faith on and this book is the place to start.

The Good
This book is great and I will recommend it to others.Its brevity makes it very useful in a day when many don’t read long tomes and its simplicity and style make it accessible to readers of many ages and ability.This can be seen in examples such as footnote 1 in chapter one (page 10) the author says “ If you’re unfamiliar with Bible references, the number before the “v” is the chapter, and the number after is the verse. So “Psalm 19 v. 1- PDF4 means the book of Psalms, chapter 19, verses 1 to 4”.This book truly could be handed to someone with no background or understanding of the Bible.
The book though is not so surface level as to leave a long time Christian wanting.Cooper says things that will get you out of bed on Sunday morning ready to go hear the word preached dealing with the depth of God’s word.On page 14 he says “ Then, just as God’s spoken word brought light into being in Genesis1 v3, so, as we’ve just seen in Psalm 19, his written word is described as “giving light to the eyes”. As the psalm implies, God’s written word is no less powerful or life-giving than his spoken word. If this is true, then when we read God’s word, or hear it preached, we should read or listen with trembling and anticipation. The fierce power that summoned and sustains the universe is about to be unleashed again in our hearing.”This powerful and something a new believer to the elderly saint needs to be reminded of.

Cooper argues persuasively thought that the Bible claims to be the word of God, seems to be the word of God, and proves to be the word of God.Throughout these arguments there are gray boxes with little blurbs on related subjects that are helpful and place at timely spaces where it makes it natural to read and not distract from the rest of the chapter.They are edited nicely so you don’t have to turn back pages to pick up where you previously a nice touch.
The Bad
It is a struggle to think of something to critique the book on.One small thing is that the Author lives in the UK so some of the English is a bit foreign to us in the USA but it does not hinder the reading of it and the style the author writes with really keeps one reading along.
Another minor thing is that he says on page 72 “Sometimes, theologians speak about the “clarity” of Scripture.” This may have been a chance to introduce reader to term “perspicuity” which means clarity and is a term they will run into if they go deeper into the subject and that the bible is not necessarily easy to understand but that what is necessary for salvation is clear.
There is so much to commend about this book that I would feel comfortable handing it to anyone withoutany qualifications.
The Physical Book
The book is a small paperback and bright orange (to my eyes) but with a fairly attractive design. The bible on the front is pressed out and has a nice feel when holding the book.After reading it doesn’t lay flat again and pages seem to stay flared out.The paper is a gray paper and not a bright white but the text type is easy on the eyes.The outside margins have to be some of the smallest I have seen which makes taking notes difficult but there are 8 blank pages in the back with header “notes” to help one out there.Also strangely online you will find several endorsements of the book which made me interested in picking it up but the actually hard copy contains none which is unfortunate.
Author: Barry Cooper
Publisher : The Good Book Company
Year: 2014
Pages: 81
Binding: glue
Boards: Paperback
Footnotes or endnotes: footnotes
Scripture index: no
person index: no
subject index: no
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