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Canada occupies most of the northern half of the North American continent, but is inhabited by less than an eighth of the population of its southern neighbor, the United States. Canada PDF EBook Far from being crowded, it can afford to expand. A member of the British Commonwealth, it enjoys an abundance of natural resources and a network of trade relationships that have assured it a high standard of living, exemplified by its system of social insurance and a 99% rate of literacy. For the future of Canada, the prospects look bright. Yet Canada suffers from the same problems of overexploitation and pollution being experienced today throughout the industrialized world, and its economy is inextricably linked to and dependent on the economies of its larger trading partners. While there is little poverty in its cities, Canada has a sizable population of indigenous peoples whose standard of living falls far below the average, and whose territorial rights are a matter of ongoing friction and dispute. The danger of division inherent in its historically bilingual culture is another of Canada's perpetual concerns. Canada, the seventh volume in the series of Handbooks to the Modern World, opens a window on the inner workings of this important nation and illuminates its current crises and controversies. In addition to a valuable compendium of basic but otherwise hard- PDFto-find information, which includes maps and statistical tables relating to each of the federation's ten provinces and two territories, thirty-five eminent Canadian scholars provide an up-to-date overview of Canada in all its significant aspects. Two major essays that comprise the historical section - Kenneth McNaught's "Canada: An Historical Overview" and R. Douglas Francis's "Regionalism and the Regions" - add depth to our understanding of how Canada took the shape that it did and came to be one of the world's great economic powers. In the political section, Canada's governmental system - a parliamentary democracy - is examin Like this book? Read online this: Travels Through Canada and the United States of North America in the Years 1806, 1807, and 1808, Canada's War.

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