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Fully revised and updated, Cannibal Killers is a comprehensive study of the terrible phenomenon of the human flesh eater. Cannibal Killers PDF EBookFar from being the outdated practice of obscure tribes in distant jungles, cannibalism is practiced uncomfortably close to home in cities around the world even today.Cannibals have been found in the cities of America and Europe, in the provinces of revolutionary China, on the "Fatal Shore" of colonial Australia and in the open lifeboats of a wrecked ship.The grisly stories in this collection of people eating human flesh come from many different eras and from all over the world.

The earliest evidence of cannibalism is believed to date from about 6,000 years ago, found in a shallow refuse pit used by Stone Age cave dwellers in present- PDFday France, though many anthropologists dispute that cannibalism has ever been systematically practiced by human beings.Scientific debate continues about whether the Aztecs ate human flesh and whether to do so was considered ethically and socially acceptable among New Guinea islanders.This book, however, is neither an argument for or against the reality of cannibalism, nor a history of the subject, but a casebook of some of the more notorious flesh-eaters in what are thought of as "civilized" parts of the world.

Peter Haining is the author of the definitive biography of Sweeney Todd:The Real Story of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1993)— download; the serial killer who dispatched more than a hundred and sixty victims and then had his female accomplice turn their flesh into meat pies.He has also written about a number of other famous crimes and criminals and edited a series of bestselling anthologies including Murder on the Menu (1991) Murder by the Glass (1994), and London After Midnight (1996), all intended for readers with strong stomachs. Like this book? Read online this: Orlando Crispe's Flesh-Eater's Cookbook, The Cannibal of Guadalajara.

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