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This is an essential, indispensable book that all dog owners should have on their bookshelves. Caring for Your Dog. Bruce Fogle PDF EBook

I have owned dogs all of my life and have read many different books (from health guides to specific breeds and puppy training), but this is the one book that stands out from all the rest and which I honestly could not be without. The main reason why any dog owner will find this an indispensable read and source of information, is the simple fact that it has pretty much everything in it that you could need. It is called ‘complete’ for a reason, because it covers puppy training, dog behavior, diseases and disorders and other health information, feeding, different breeds and so forth. If one of my dogs is ill then I know where to look up their symptoms and see whether they may or may not need possible veterinary treatment. Also it includes first aid for your pet, which is so important as just like humans you never know when you may need to administer lifesaving treatment or ultimately help to save your pets life. Simple things like being able to recognize poisonous plants can inevitably prevent your dog from becoming very ill, or likewise knowing what to do if your dog has a fit and collapses. Whatever breed of dog you may own (or want to own and are thinking of getting), regardless also of their age this book caters to everything.
Dr. Bruce Fogle gives authoritative advice on routine care for every stage of your dog’s life, from puppy hood through the active adult years to comfortable old age. He explains clearly what to do if your dog is unwell, how to diagnose what is wrong and suggests when it is necessary to seek professional help. He also offers expert guidance on nutrition and the prevention of common health conditions and complaints, which you will find very important. The main part of this book comprises of an extensive, detailed medical reference that covers all canine diseases and disorders. It describes the nature of the problem, treatment and prognosis, which is so easy to follow and understand. With an unsurpassed depth of knowledge this comprehensive veterinary manual/ reference is essential for anyone who wants to know what is best for their dog.

This significant book is one that I cannot enthuse enough about, as it has been a ready reference for all of my dogs both past and present, both for when they were young and old. I will also say that without the thorough, in- PDFdepth pages on all kinds of medical conditions I would have been left in the dark about many of the symptoms that my dogs have had over the years. In one particular instance I was able to find the correct diagnosis for my canine friend who at the time was dying of a heart tumor, and was given peace of mind when the veterinary results coincided with what I suspected; download; all by reading this book. I therefore would strongly urge all dog owners to look into getting hold of a copy of this book, because it contains essentially everything that you will need to know as a responsible and caring dog owner.
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