Carried Forward By Hope (Bregdan Chronicles, #6)

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I have enjoyed this series, though the last two books less than the first 4 (especially having a difficult time with book 6), and mainly due to what I consider poor proofreading by both author and editor. Carried Forward By Hope (Bregdan Chronicles, #6) PDF EBook

(1) In book 6, Abigail (Aunt Abby) Livingston suddenly became Abigail Stratton.

(2) In books 5 & download; 6, Thomas Cromwell's Richmond house slave, Micah, all of a sudden became Miles (the Cromwell Plantation stable slave who escaped to freedom a few books ago).

(3) In book 6, Jeremy and Moses head off together to find Moses' mama and sister; a couple of chapters later, Rose introduces Jeremy to Sam at Cromwell Plantation; then a couple more chapters later, Jeremy and Moses are again in the wagon as they continue their search. What???

I actually haven't finished this book yet just because these types of things drive me to distraction. If I can keep up with everyone, why can't the author/editor? A Kindle revision would GREATLY be appreciated, especially for books 5 & 6. Like this book? Read online this: Minecraft (An unofficial Minecraft book): (Minecraft Books, Minecraft Stories, Minecraft Novels, Minecraft Books For Kids, Minecraft Comics Book), Carried Away (Taken, #3).

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