Cars 2 (Disney/Pixar Cars 2)

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I'm not a big fan of the Cars movie, so never saw the second one. Cars 2 (Disney/Pixar Cars 2) PDF EBook... however, my preschoolers are obsessed with it, so got this to read before rest time. I am always pleasantly surprised with how well these Disney junior novelizations are written, so I give much kudos! But, now I am glad to know not to waste my time watching the movie (not like I ever planned to watch it before). I found the plot to be a little bit ridiculous and kind of out of character for the Cars franchise. I mean, I know you gotta do more than just show cars racing... but car spies is a little dumb (just my opinion).

Though I did enjoy reading it because I got to do the different accents. That was fun! Like this book? Read online this: Everything I Know About Cars, Cars.

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