Case Closed, Vol. 5

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Gosho Aoyama, Case Closed, vol. Case Closed, Vol. 5 PDF EBook 5 (ViZ, 1994)

Two more stories here, plus a quick third piece that relates to the greater story arc. The first has Conan and Rachel at the house of one of Rachel's friends, where a number of old school chums are gathering; download; it's cut off from the rest of the world, of course, and people start getting bumped off. The second involves a band whose singer Rachel and one of her pals are mad for, who dies mysteriously at a karaoke bar. Standard stuff. The bonus story is what makes the volume— a woman shows up claiming to be Conan's mother and whisks him off. Who is she, and what does she have to do with the syndicate that poisoned Jimmy Kuda? More great stuff from Aoyama. **** Like this book? Read online this: Rachel Rosenthal, Case Closed, Vol. 13.

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