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Below is a comment I received from one of the educators I teach. Champs PDF EBook I sent a few of my game ideas. I do not know if I sent you Informational Pursuit game I created which you might use in your classroom. :

Instructor Marcus,
I just wanted to thank you for sending along all those ideas for games through the gradebook.
I do use games as a reward each Friday on the condition that we get all the work done on the other days of the week.However, you have helped me to better understand that games can be used in more systematic ways as reinforcers and also student participation in the games provide authentic learning experiences for the students to use their newly acquired literacy skills.Right now we are just beginning to play UpWords, and Scrabble Slam.Their favorites are Reading Uno, and Jeopardy
(I purchased a buzzer system from Really Good Stuff), and Who Wants to be A Millionaire.As I think about it, I can say that the children often surprise me at their level of skills they demonstrate during a game vs. a typical lesson.Perhaps the anxiety they may have during a lesson disappears during their participation in the game.I think that I will look at where individual students are having the most difficulty participating in a lesson and then offer the reward of a game when they successfully complete the designated lesson component.They may increase their engagement in something they don't like to do to get something that they do like to do.I'll just try and relate the game choices back to the skills being worked on in the lesson itself.Thanks again, Brenda

Below is the game I created and became quite popular.

Some websites for games. : and http://www.math-

We reviewed affixes, vocabulary, literary terms, etc. in this game. good website on affixes

Informational Pursuit

By PAULAPFELBECK Ketchikan Daily News" News Staff Writer

Schoenbar Junior ,High seventh grader reading teacher Richard Marcus leads his students through the third round in the final game of InformationaJ Pursuit. The final game pitted eighth graders against seventh graders; download; the older students emerged victorious.

Learning is a game in Richard Marcus' seventh-grade reading class at Schoenbar Junior High School,
Marcus has been putting his students through the paces since October in a grueling contest he calls Informational Pursuit, where seventh graders earn points by correctly answering questions about the grammar, literature, and vocabulary taught in the class.
"It's a motivator," Marcus said, "There's no way I can get these kids to learn these items like this does,"
The game works like this: A panel of six students are asked a series of questions about the books read in class, suffixes and prefixes, vocabu- lary words, concepts found in literature and an extra section on travel to coincide with reports students wrote this fall. Questions are worth 5; 10 or 15 points.
Throughout the fall, Marcus used the I game as a foil for the information his students were learning. Eventually all six of his classes were winnowed down to the top scorers in each class, leading to a final showdown recently between the seventh-grade champions, fifth period, and last year's Informational Pursuit winners, now in the eighth grade.
The eighth graders were in a tough situation, Marcus said since losing to the seventh graders would be embarrassing.
The final game was a see-saw battle between the two teams, with the seventh graders leading throughout most of the competition, but with the eighth graders finally triumphant in the last three rounds.
"It was a very exciting game," Marcus said.
Marcus made the game more competitive by adding a twist to the final game. Students not only had to answer the questions correctly. but they also had to play a variation of Hangman, receiving a letter for each correct answer to spell the title of a book read in class. Students also had to correctly identify the author of the book. Each round had a different book.
.The seventh graders won the first four rounds. But the eighth graders marched back to confront the seventh graders with some wins of their own.After 10 rounds, the score was eighth grade 6, seventh grade 4.
The game's lead was passed back and forth between the two teams, eventually giving the eighth graders a one-round advantage 7-6.
"Then it was the last game and I didn't want an overtime," Marcus said, adding that the school buses were starting to line up outside the school.
The eighth graders won the last round,winning the game 8-6 by correctly identifying the author of Rip Van Winkle as Washington Irving '-
Mr. Marcus’ Informational Pursuit Rules

2 teams of 4-5 students on each team playing at one time other students watching
(games usually take between 2-5 minutes)

5 pts. questions- review or easy questions
10 pts. questions medium difficult, almost new or review
15 ptsquestions new or difficult information

Students select 5, 10 or 15 pts questions
First answer out mouth counts cannot change it
No conferring with teammates or others
If answer is correct place an “X” or “O” on a tic tac toe board drawn on the chalkboard,
If answer is incorrect, next person to go on opposing team has option to answer that question or select a 5, 10, or 15 pts question
team that wins tic tac toe game remains seated and team in third row moves into empty seats to play game..the losing team goes to the 5th or last row and all teams move up one row
if there is a cat’s game, team with most “X”s or “O”s wins
Playoffs: Teams in each class with the most wins will be in the playoffs
(I had five classes and the team with the most wins in four out of the five classes went to the playoffs.The last row was for five all-star students.An all star was a student who was not in the four top teams, but had the most accumulative points compared to all the students.Students who wanted to be on the all-star team usually only went for 15 pointers.)

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