Charming Classics Box Set #1

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Sara and her father go looking for a doll that can be with Sara when her dad is gone at war. Charming Classics Box Set #1 PDF EBook They go to a bunch of stores until they finally found Emily. She was a beautiful china doll with jet black hair and lovely curls. Sara and her dad went and got a wardrobe as big as Sara's for Emily.
Finally, the day came for Sara to go to the school. her first lesson was French. Sara really wanted to tell Ms. Minchin that she already learned French and she could speak it fluently. When the teacher came in and Sara started speaking to him in fluent french. He was absolutely impressed and he thought that Sara could speak better french than Ms. Minchin.

One day Sara heard a terribly loud screaming that was coming from down stairs. It was Lottie the youngest girl in the school. She was only four years old and the reason she was in the school was because her mom her died when she was born and her father did not know what to do with her. Sara wen out of her room and went downstairs and into the room where Lottie was screaming. She asked if she could try and calm her down. So Amelia Ms Minchins sister and assistant crept out of the room. Sara sat down next to Lottie and just stared at her. Lottie looked up at Sara and Sara said, "Why were you crying?" "I have no mommy!!" Lottie shouted. "I don't either." Sara said calmly. "I want a mommy." said Lottie. "Then I will be your mommy." said Sara. "Really?" said Lottie. "Yes." said Sara. The two of them went upstairs and played with Emily. Sara got Lottie ready for dinner. Like this book? Read online this: Nine Steps to Sara, The Charming Intruder.

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