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I found this little gem in a remainder catalog for $2. Cheap Laffs PDF EBook98...what a bargain!I would highly recommend this title to anyone with a burning desire to learn the origins of the joy buzzer.
Whoopee cushions, fake vomit, the dribble glass, plastic swiss cheese, itching powder —- PDF they're all here, in glorious living color, each accompanied by a detailed description.
If you were ever tempted to order X-Ray specs from the back of a comic book, this one is for you!
I particularly enjoyed the "Life of the Party" gift set - at least a dozen gags collected together in one snazzy box, all for your entertaining convenience.Guarantees that folks will remember you even if you can't find a lampshade for your head!
One caution, however - don't read this book while eating, as the fake doggie doo photo may inspire some non-fake vomit. Like this book? Read online this: My Life as a Fake, The End of Cheap China.

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