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“Chicken Soup for the Soul – Christmas Treasury” is a compilation of short Christmas stories from many contributors (authors). Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas Treasury PDF EBook It has sections in the collection about “The True Meaning of Christmas”, “The Spirit of Giving”, “Yuletide Memories”, “Holiday Traditions”, Boughs, Holly, and Mistle … Aneous”. Each section has a few Christmas stories that fit into the section theme.

I found most of the Christmas stories to be okay but a few of the stories were fantastic, especially the following:
• The Last Straw – Paula McDonald
• Santa D. (for David) Claus – Karen M. Sackett
• The Christmas Menorah – Joan Wester Anderson
• A True Christmas – Nancy Rue
• Chocolate Covered Cherries – Dawn Holt
• Dear Santa – Jane Eppringa

One of the stories “Santa D. (for David) Claus” had a profound impact on my family in that it led us to start a new Christmas tradition. In the story a young boy dresses up as Santa and his aunt dresses as an elf, so they can visit an assisted living facility, pass out candy canes, and Christmas cheer to the residence. I loved this story so much that I talked with my eight year old daughter about her dressing as Santa and I dressing as an elf. With a little coaxing, I was able to get her to agree to take part in the Christmas activity. My wife made us an awesome Santa suit and elf costume. We went to two assisted living facilities and had a wonderful time talking with the residents and caretakers and passing out candy canes. My daughter helped bring a smile to everyone’s face that she met. I think the contrast between a large 6’1” 280 lb boisterous elf and the 4’6” 100 lb soft- PDFspoken Santa was too much for everyone to not have a good laugh. This experience has increased the Christmas spirit in our home.

I would recommend this compilation of short Christmas stories to all who love Christmas stories; download; especially those stories which tug at your heart strings and inspire Christmas spirit.
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