Children of Open Adoption and Their Families

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I was a little disappointed in this book. Children of Open Adoption and Their Families PDF EBook Perhaps it was a bit dated. When it was written, open adoption was revolutionary. It was necessary to spend a lot of time explaining the benefits, and how it was better for everyone than closed adoption. Today it seems like a more normal option. Also, there may be a bit of the "preaching to the choir" problem. It's not really a manifesto, but this entire book is an argument for open adoption. I've already been convinced, so it feels a bit pointless.

This book has many, many examples of people who's lives have been touched by open adoption. How it was great, how they feel so happy about it, how much healthier it is than closed adoption, etc. etc. etc. The anecdotes are often similar and they start to blur together after a while. There is an attempt to have concrete examples, but it would have been more meaningful to me if there were fewer stories that went more in depth.

That said, I think this was probably a very important book, historically, and probably had a huge impact on how adoption has been done in America, for the better. Perhaps it might benefit from an updated edition, or something. Like this book? Read online this: Adoption Awareness, Supporting Children and Families.

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