Chinese Calligraphy Made Easy

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Most courses in Chinese Calligraphy go slowly. Chinese Calligraphy Made Easy PDF EBook Very slowly. They teach patience. Chinese Calligraphy Made Easy teaches calligraphy—and teaches it fast. While most programs force students to learn all of the many basic brushstrokes first, Rebecca Yue's method starts with a few key strokes, then puts them together to make characters starting with the very first lesson. Students get motivated and stay motivated as the accomplishments keep coming—as soon as a few characters have been mastered, they are ready for such projects as a bonsai pot, a T- PDFshirt, a vase, and greeting cards. The method is innovative, the learning solid: the five major styles of Chinese calligraphy (Kai Shu, Hsing Shu, Chuan Shu, Li Shu, and Tsao) are covered in depth. Foldout flaps offer quick reference for key brushstrokes. Now anyone can learn this 4,000-year-old art in just a few weeks! Like this book? Read online this: The Practical Encyclopedia of Calligraphy, Teaching Made Easy.

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