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2015- PDF There are obvious signs that this is a lecture in that Gunton does not develop his arguments in detail and there are at times a lack of references. Christ and Creation PDF EBook having said that Gunton does a good job of arguing for the necessity to include Christ in any doctrine of creation. Gunton also tries to strike a balance between relationally and bodiliness in a way in this book. He is starting to develop thoughts on an relational ontology while at the same time pointing out that our genes and bodies most likely are important for who we are. Christ is also central in terms of anthropology in that it is Christ that unities all humanity for Gunton and relates all humans to the Father. One thing that is very appealing is how this is done through kenosis. Gunton (like Grenz I think) takes kenosis not to be an "emptying" of God in that Jesus became somehow "less divine" (whatever that might mean) in the incarnation, but that the emptying is the very sign of Jesus' divinity because kenosis is the way how God shows is glory, glory in weakness.

I do wonder about the relational ontology at times though. I find it very appealing, but when Gunton writes things such as 'we relate to things as the are' or 'everything is what it is and not another thing' it sounds to me very essentialistic. And even more problematically, it sounds like there is no room for change and development. This goes flatly against what I understand 'relational' to mean (an emphasis on relationally without any possibility of change sounds very hollow indeed) and furthermore, it goes against Gunton's own critique of Irenaeus, that Irenaeus essentialism hinders the thought of recapitulatio and how humankind was created perfect but in need of maturation.

Gunton is lucid as usual and he manage to show how important it is that we take a step away from our individualistic worldview. Gunton brings together doctrine of creation with christology and the doctrine of trinity so that one realise how important the orthodox dogmas really are. Like this book? Read online this: Sounds of Change, Creation, Vol. 19.

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