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You may not be a spiritual master, but reading this book could start you on the way. Christian Spirituality PDF EBook

Christian Spiritualityis a great introductory textbook on the history and nature of this subject.So much so, that there really is nothing more to add or to review.

McGrath does an excellent job in presenting the material and treating as a new subject for the beginner.He gives a history of the major 'movers and shakers' in Christian Spirituality and defines terms and concepts as he goes along.
the chapters are divided in ways that make sense, including a chapter on the nature of spirituality, practices and the Biblical imagery involved.

The best part of the book comes at the end, when he gives the reader practice in reading spiritual literature.He selects Christian writers from throughout the centuries from different countries to provide a broad range of readings.

The writings is really clear and accessible to all.The list of resources at the end make this book a valuable addition to any Christian bookshelf.

Highly recommended for Christians who are interested in the subject.

Grade: A
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