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This is the polar opposite, the antithesis, the other words looked up on thesaurus. Chrono Cross Official Strategy PDF EBookcom that mean inverse of the Final Fantasy IX Official Strategy Guide.It is thick, heavy and full of information on a game that needs one.Seriously, the game's just begging for a guide.It wants one.Look at the way it dresses with its 2 CDs and 48 or so playable characters.For shame.

And this guide delivers.It'll tell you how to get every character, every item, every story piece.It's got the amazing character art of Nobuteru Yū download; ki.It even tries to leave out story spoilers as best as it can.

Plus, it's a goddamn book.It's not a series of passkeys you plug into a website.It's not 300 pages printed off on a sad, old, beat- PDFup dot matrix printer that's so loud the neighbours start pounding on the floor with their "Turn that damn thing off!"s and their "You kids today with your Nintendos and Interwebs!" and such.You just keep the book quietly sitting next to you while you play through Chrono Cross for the 2nd or 3rd time.

I don't recommend using any guide on your first playthrough.You will invariably spoil some kind of story point for yourself.Even a guide like this one, that tries hard to keep the spoilers secret will still lessen the experience of the first playthrough and its story.However, if you know for sure that you'll never play through the game a 2nd time because you're not a 20 year old kid sharing an apartment with your stoner girlfriend, your high school best bud who has his uptight bitch girlfriend over almost every weekend... then go for it. Use it on your first go.Might as well get as many of those characters as you can in one shot.

However, if you do live with your stoner girlfriend and your high school best bud, make sure neither of them rips a page out of the bestiary section to make rolling papers.That's not cool.How am I supposed to know how many HP a Centaurpede has now, huh? HOW?There's no way to know. I'm going to have to kill it and add up all the little numbers and hope I kill it exactly.That's how, dammit. Like this book? Read online this: Shifting Triumph; A Paranormal Love Story of Karina and Jules (A Story of Paranormal and Fantasy Romance MagicKeepers Series Book 3), Kingdom Hearts Official Strategy Guide.

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