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Being a guitar player, it's naturally fitting that I would be a big fan of Chuck Berry. Chuck Berry PDF EBook The man's playing is still inspiring today, almost sixty years after these songs were first recorded. While it's true that Chuck could have toned down the coverage of certain things, I also feel that their inclusion gives us a look into how the man got to be who he was at the time he wrote this book.

At no point in this book does Chuck make any excuses for his behavior, he just tells you exactly what happened, how it happened, and his motivations for doing these things. I personally feel that you will only understand what he was really saying after a few repeat readings over the years. But until you can read this book for what it is, you won't really understand how unique of an inside glimpse Chuck gives you into himself. Before you judge the man, walk a mile in his shoes.

You also have to think of this book as damage control, because when it was being written, the tabloids were just starting to hit their first big stride of popularity. I think Chuck included so much of his sex life in one place (this book) rather than have a potentially unending stream of these stories come out in the tabloids week after week. Let's not forget that he has a wife and children to consider, too, and while he should have behaved better, only a monk or a butt pirate would have been able to resist most of the girls he was misbehaving with, because they weren't groupies. They were wholesome, respectable girls from decent backgrounds, and after so many temptations, you are going to give in. How many times can somebody offer you a piece of chocolate before you finally give in and eat one?

The only parts I didn't really care for were his forays into poetry, but then outside of song lyrics, I admittedly don't care for poetry anyway. Luckily, he does this less than a handful of times, so it's easily forgivable, and not really that much of an annoyance. Other than that, this book is full of interesting information about one of the best musicians to ever do it!

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